13 Ways To Make Money Online In Indonesia Immediately


Technology and anything online is the trend these days. From shopping of groceries to clothes and anything that your heart desire, you just let your fingers do all the work for you and voila. How about taking this opportunity to earn some income online?

You might have noticed that there a some lucky few who seems to be able to spend their time as they wish, taking holidays, buying lavish items and they seem to be not going out to work. Wonder no more, as the internet these days are filled with wonderful surprises if you would only take the time to explore.

Let’s get creative and see the number of ways that you are able to earn some income online, without leaving the comfort of your home.


1 – Dropshipping

This is quite a popular way to earn money as there is little or no capital upfront to start. You do not need to handle inventory, delivery or the headache of handling customers. Everything is done through a third party, while your role is mainly as a coordinator. Simply put, dropshipping is providing of goods directly from the manufacturer to the customer.

How does drop shipping work?

infographic to explain dropshipping in indonesia

So should a customer visit your site and is interested to purchase an item, say for example a dumbbell, the customer will place the order, checkout, pay for the item and specify shipping details. You will then be notified of this newly placed order.

Your role is to get in touch with your supplier, make the order and provide the customer’s details and make payment at a wholesale price. And your sales transaction is completed. Your supplier will then pick, pack and ship the item to your happy customer. That is it. You do not need to keep stock or do any physical work yourself.


2 – Blogging

If you love to write and is passionate about something, you can also consider blogging as a way to earn money online. All websites need valuable contents. Your blog must be updated regularly and have good content that make visitors want to return and visit your blog.

Also, the topic that you would want to write about – should be able to generate good traffic to your blog. How do you earn money by blogging, you might ask? There are several ways to it.

You may earn by placing advertisements on your site – cost per click (CPC) or cost per one thousand impressions (CPM). If you surf to some websites, you will notice that there is a small banner containing some information that is normally of your interest or related to the site that you are on.

Should someone click on that banner, you will get paid. When you have a good enough traffic to your site, there may be advertisers who approach you to place their ad or banner on your site for a tidy sum. Some clients make recurring payments because it’s a sound strategy that gives them an ROI of many times over.

freelance writer getting paid for blogging

3 – Freelance Writing

There are many sites that will pay for content these days. If you are good in writing in a specific domain, for example on photography, you can also earn some income by writing some technical article targeting photographers or those who are selling those equipment.

They are looking for content to put up on their site in order for sell their equipment and add value to their customer base by providing information to them on how to take better quality photographs.

Sites like Fiverr is just an example of where you can offer your writing services. There is an abundance of avenues for writers who are looking to earn some cash online.


4 – Taking On Online Surveys

If you like to take surveys or let your opinions be heard, there are some companies or websites that pay you to answer surveys. You can complete the surveys at your own pace and time.

The surveys that you do normally caters to your interests, hence you will be able to provide honest and reliable answers to the surveys. Typically the survey can be completed in 15 to 20 minutes depending on the complexity of information required. The payment can be in terms of cash or vouchers.


5 – Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? By definition, affiliate marketing is earning commission by promoting other people’s products or services. In a case that you like baking, there are hundreds and thousands of items related to baking, so you can promote for example baking molds on your site.

You are basically acting as a person who is creating awareness for this particular seller’s product. And should someone click on the link promoted by you and make a purchase, a certain percentage from that sale will go to your pocket.


6 – Selling Online With Free Platforms

There are thousands of products that you can sell online. For example, crafts, accessories, clothing, and much more. There are also various avenues for you to sell online. By posting your item online such as in Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, Carousell, eBay, etc, you can earn as well.

For example, your hobby is making fancy ear rings or fashion accessories. Put those up online and interested buyers will be in touch and purchase the items from you. By doing this, not only do you get to be crafty and do what you like, but earn some cash at the same time.


7 – Design A Website

Website design is quite easy nowadays as there are plenty of templates and easy to built applications that you can find online. It does not require actual coding knowledge but rather just clicking of buttons and finding the right ‘feel’ for your site.

Most people procrastinate when it comes to actually creating a website, as even though it doesn’t require technical knowledge, it does need for you to plan content, design and also some time to figure out how certain function works in the application.

In such a case, for most business owners, especially small business start-ups, they are more than willing to engage a third party, explain that they want as their website content and get the job done.

If the content and design has been done, getting the website up and running will not take long. As there are also many sites that you can start creating websites for free, it is relatively easy to get a website done up. For most business owners, a good website interface is an important front for them, as it is the first impression that their clients will get to see.


8 – Being A Virtual Assistant

If you love doing administrative work, you might find yourself enjoy working as virtual assistants. The kind of work that you can do also varies such as data entry, bookkeeping, online research, email marketing, scheduling to telemarketing. There are many sites that you can list your services as virtual assistants.

Some of the jobscopes that business owners outsource are putting up products in an online store and updating inventory and replying to customer’s queries.


9 – Sell Stock Photos

If photography is your forte, you would be happy to learn that your passion for photography can earn you some pocket money. Find a niche that you like to shoot, gather lots of photos under that niche and ensure that the photos are of high and good quality. Next step is for you to find a place where you can host and sell your photos. There are many sites that you can choose to do so. The more popular ones being Shuttershock, Depositphotos or Alamy, etc.


10 – Kindle Book Publishing

Ever thought of being an author and publish a book under your name? Now it is easy for you to publish a book electronically and it takes a few minutes to publish and your book can appear on Kindle stores worldwide within the next 24-48 hours. You are paid through royalties, that is a percentage of the price of the book sold.

Nowadays, there are many courses that teach you how to publish in a short amount of time. Most of the work can be outsourced. You basically do the work just once, and thereafter, its marketing and promoting your book that will make you passive income in years to come – as long as your book is available online.


11 – Selling Digital Courses

The learning journey never stops. Each day you are learning and will learn something new. But sometimes to actually attend a sit-down class is too time consuming and might not suit your schedule. The good news is, there are plenty of online courses that allow you to learn at your pace and at any time.

If you are a subject matter expert on a particular topic, you can create a course online, which you can then sell to potential students. Udemy is a popular venue for knowledge seekers to go to and search for a course that they are interested to know more about. Though there are many free courses on Udemy, there are also those that you will need to pay as the content is carefully created and more in-depth as compared to the courses offered at no charge.


12 – Conduct Online Video Courses

Something similar to the digital courses, but this time the focus is more towards the hands-on practical kind of teaching, The topics that you can choose to create and sell online are endless such as baking, cooking, designing, crafts, carpentry, just to name a few.

Some ways to conduct such lessons are through Facebook Secret Groups, YouTube or through your own website/blog.


13 – Video Editing

Videos are everywhere! Have you noticed this? Putting together an awesome video takes time and skills. To have audience engaged to a video production can take many man-hours to edit and put together from thee raw footage.

To get just a minute of finished product, can take a few hours of raw footage and editing of that raw footage. This is where the assistance of a video editor will come in handy. The rates that you charge depends on the man-hours that you take to edit and also the complexity of the final desired outcome of the video.



These are some of the income sources that you can make with your laptop and internet connection, which i think are the best but it takes effort to make things work. Though there are some shortcuts that you can take, ultimately you still have to do some work. You have to believe in yourself!

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