Start Up Business Ideas Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Here are 15 Tips!


Today, many people are looking to leave their daily job for something that feeds their passion. Fortunately, it is now increasingly easy to start a business from scratch without spending a fortune. The world is filled with billions of people.

There are always opportunities out there for a new and growing business to infiltrate an existing industry. Some of the business ideas listed require nothing more than an internet connection, while others demand a specific set of skills. Here are 15 ideas that might get you started.


No.1 – Test Websites & Apps And Get Paid


Every website owner wants their website to be user-friendly and pleasing to the eyes of consumer. However, running your own website can easily blind you from realising its deficiencies. Many sites are generally a pain in the eyes.

Their fonts are terrible, there are many pop-ups or unnecessary transitions. When consumers encounter these, they simply just leave. No website owner wants this. Hence, they will pay people to visit and test their website to give comments and feedbacks for improvements.

And this is where you can be one of those people. You simply have to serve their website, take a look around and take some notes. How simple is that?

Of course, to do this, you have to be knowledgeable enough to understand the fundamental of what makes a website good. You also have to be internet savvy and know what the aim and goal of the website is all about.


No.2 – Be A Website Designer


Web Developers work to design, create, and maintain websites and web applications. Web developers are usually hired by companies or firms who are trying to get their products or services onto the web.

There are also many who offer their services on a freelance basis. As one of the most in demand jobs in the world right now, being a web developer offers a wide range of benefits and advantages that one could never find anywhere else.

Some examples are flexibility working hours, working at the comfort of your own home and you are always keeping up with the latest trends on the internet. Understandably so, there are many skills you’ll need to have to develop a web.


No.3 – Pet Sitter


Animal lovers will find this job worthwhile as they get to earn extra cash doing something they love and enjoy. This service will especially be in high demand around the holidays. People want someone they can rely on to take good care of their pet while they are away.


No.4 – Be A Freelance Writer


Consumers are always looking for something to read. Content is what drives web traffic. Websites are always coming out with fresh and the latest content for their readers. This means that they are looking for writers!

If you love writing, you are the one they are looking for. You just have to find a topic that you are passionate and interested in. Then, let the writing begin! There are billions of topics out there in the world. There are always people looking for the topic you are writing on.


No.5 – Sell Customise Designed T-Shirts


Are you creative and looking to get your creativity out there? Here is an idea. Come up with some cool and creative designs and use social media such as Facebook ads and Instagram to target those who would love your designs. You can definitely earn extra money with this entrepreneurial side job. You just have to be creative!


No.6 Create An Online Course


Do you have an expertise in a certain field? If so, pack up your skills and knowledge and transfer it into an online course and sell it. This has become a popular business model for online entrepreneurs over the past decade.

Let’s say you’re a good cook, you simply have to transfer that knowledge into a soft copy where consumers can purchase and read it online at the comfort of their own home. Thus, they do not have to attend a cooking class. It will definitely benefit them and yourself.


No.7 – Be A Resume / CV Writer


Most people have writer’s block. Resumes are something that most people are very insecure and self-conscious about. This means that there is always a demand for services to help enhance themselves.

This can either be done locally or internationally via online services. You can market your service online on social media or even have your own website.


No.8 – Be A Delivery Rider / Driver


Do you have a bicycle, motorcycle or a car / van? And do you have a handphone? If so, that’s all you need to be a delivery guy and earn some extra cash by delivering food. There are many companies that are looking for delivery riders and they pay well.

Some popular ones are Deliveroo, GRAB and Uber Eats. You can also find opportunities by directly contacting with food chains such as McDonald’s or Domino’s Pizza. Most importantly, there is total flexibility in working hours! You choose your own working hours.


No.9 – Private Hire Driver


If you are looking for a job where you don’t have to sit in a spot for hours but at the same time enjoy some air-con, look no further. Be a driver. There are many companies that are hiring people to simply drive people around.

Do not worry if you don’t have a car, you can always rent one. Also, this job pays well. You can make up to $250 for just a few hours of driving around!


No.10 – Personal Trainer


If you have a passion for fitness and would love to help others improve their fitness, you can consider becoming a personal trainer. It does not have to be a one on one coaching. You can have a small group of people training at the same time to earn extra money.

You just have to stay by their side while doing exercises at the gym and work on a customised workout routine that you have planned for them. There are many forms of exercises such as pilates, yoga or other general workout routines.


No.11 – Freelance Photographer


Transfer your skills to earn you side money every month. If you have a passion and the expertise in capturing moments, becoming a photographer is a great way to earn extra money. All you need is a decent camera and some photo editing software.

Then its up to your photo editing skills to get the job done. Many clients are looking for photographers for many various events such as weddings, corporate outings, parties and many more. Photographers are always in high demand as there are events every single day.

If client’s work is not your preference, you can sell your photos online. Landscapes and panorama are always popular amongst consumers.


No.12 – Start Your Own Podcast


You have many great ideas and you want them heard. Why not start your own podcast? Podcast are on the rise again. With how busy people’s lives are getting, many are looking for passive ways to keep up with the latest content. This makes them a great opportunity to make money online and gain audience.

You can start small, maybe among your group of friends. Then you can slowly expand to your social media followers and then your neighbourhood. As your audience grows, you can definitely land some amazing sponsorship deals. Its all up to how creative and interesting your topics are. 

Once you have a sizable followings, there is also room for advertising air-time to add to your income.


No.13 – Be A Mystery Shopper


Becoming a mystery shopper is easier than you might think. There are many agencies out there that hire mystery shoppers to visit shops and restaurants to give a feedback on how they are performing. You just have to visit a particular shop like any other customer, write your feedbacks and get paid!


No.14 – Private Tutor


You excel in a certain subject in school and you feel that you should make use of the knowledge that you possess. Be a private tutor. You get to share your knowledge and when you do, you learn at the same time.

The best thing is, being a private tutor pays well. It will definitely be easier than being a normal teacher in school as you are only teaching one or a small group of students. You can also opt to teach from your own home!


No.15 – Online Travel Consultant


If you travel a lot and always find yourself searching for airline sales or browsing through the net for the cheapest deals, why not turn your hobby onto a niche as a private travel agent. You can make money online by starting a business for travel consultation.

You can start small by words of mouth recommendations by friends and family who know they can count on you to get the best deals. Then, slowly move on and create your own page on LinkedIn or social media such as Facebook to invite people who want to be updated with the latest deals.

Eventually, you can turn your hobby into a full-time job!




Do something that you are passionate about and create something valuable for yourself and others. You can start slow but always aim to improve yourself. Try out different things in life. It’s okay to fail, but the lesson is to dust yourself, get up and come out stronger and wiser than before.


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