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You Can Create A Website For Free In Indonesia

Having lived in Indonesia for a couple of years, I’ve noticed that no matter the cultural differences from all over Asia (eg; Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore) is that people ALWAYS pay for solutions to their problems.

Have you ever paid a plumber? A locksmith? A mechanic? Or even the air-conditioning guys to clean your aircon units? Whether you’re in Indonesia or not, let’s face it, we need solutions to our problems.

That above my friend, is YOUR RULE No.1. You must add value to people’s lives. Solve problems that people are willing to pay for.

The truth is – that we are willing to part with our money for things that we can’t do for ourselves. Creating websites included!!


As you’re reading this, there are more than ONE BILLION websites in the world. But it’s important to note that only a handful of websites that are very useful and adds value to others. Like this one.


Cost of Creating A Website In Indonesia

Do not skip this blogpost because there’s a tons of valuable tips, hacks and secrets that you will find out here in your journey to your brand new life.

Here’s a Tip: Do a Google search and type “Indonesia Web Design Agency“. From your results, call these agencies and find out how much you have to pay – for them to make you a website. Do this with at least 4 agencies.

That is the exact amount of money that you can be paid for! By building QUALITY Websites.


Why this exercise? So NOW – you know how much of a value that you can get paid for if you’re to provide a web design service. Am I making sense now?


Your Website Is Your Online Asset

One of the reasons that I want to teach web design or website design service is because few years back – I know nothing about online business, making money online or how to make a website. An important thing to note is that YOUR WEBSITE is your asset.

Nobody can take that away from you. (Please always remember Don’t Break The Law, or it will be taken away from you). Social media accounts and pages don’t really belong to you. Ever had a friend getting his/her account blocked or locked out?


Why Do I Teach Building Websites In Indonesia?

Because the market is just so huge. I’m also saddened by the fact that there’s no really a dedicate place for Indonesians if they want to make a website and earn money at the same time.

By the way, have you noticed how some websites still look like they are in the NINETIES?? You can help these companies by building them a brand new modern website. And get paid for it!

Having learnt very very slowly on my own make me realised that;

  1. There is no tutorial that covers what I want to learn.
  2. I have to search high and low and try different videos.
  3. A lot of tutorials on Youtube gets outdated quickly.
  4. I can earn money anywhere in the world.
  5. Most importantly – it’s not that hard!

Sure there is some work involve. But it’s a one time job. For instance, I blog about this article in mid 2019, but guess what? It’ll still be here right after 2 to 4 years down the road. You actually do the work just once.

Before you learn to be awesome in creating websites in the next few weeks, you must first at least find out the quality of websites that are available in your city (eg: Jakarta, Bali or Surabaya, etc) right now.


Competitor Analysis

This is call – competitor analysis. What you want to do, is to take note of who is at pages 1 and 2 of Google search. You’d also want to know how those websites look like. Does it look outdated? Spammy? Messy? Or just downright Ugly!

Search for terms like piano lessons, wedding services, dentist or lawyer services. The digital marketing opportunity in Indonesia is so huge. What I’ll normally do is to contact companies that are at pages 9, 10, 11, 12 and beyond and offer them my web design services.

If they want a better looking website – buy package A. If they want to look good and be on Page 1 Google – buy package B. These are unforeseen opportunities that people like you and me fail to see. Well I finally did actually. So now it’s your turn to earn those extra income.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because I know – that as much as I want to, I can’t build 10 to 15 websites in a month. Hey I have to sleep too!!

Imagine now what this can mean to you – if you are able to build ONLY ONE website for ONE client in a month. That is a nice side income to have don’t you think?


How Much Does A Website Cost In Indonesia

A website normally costs Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) 5,250,000 to (IDR) 10,455,000. It depends on the scope and size and functionality of the websites. As I mentioned above, call up agencies and ask for their prices to compare.

Imagine if you put in the work, can you build ONE website per week? Hey, that is so possible!


Big companies will not hesitate to spend eg; IDR 5,250,000 when they can earn IDR 12,200,000 more every single month. Do you know that 80% of web visitors only look at results on Page 1 Google?

One of the reasons can be that – users may have already found their answers at Page 1. So now you know the importance of getting your websites in TOP Rankings. And that is S.E.O – Search Engine Optimization.

You will get to learn all this for FREE!


New Life With A New Found Skill

With the NEW skills that you will be learning for FREE, can you see that it’s possible for you to be working from anywhere in the world? Stay on the beach with your laptop, and still get paid! But you need an internet connection though.


Evergreen Niche and Skillset

This right here, is an opportunity for you to learn a new skill and still find work (if you want) no matter where you are. We are in a generation where people’s line of sight is always on their phones. Take this valuable opportunity to build mobile friendly websites.


Let’s Get To It

Now that you know the importance of having this new skillset, your future income will depend on your determined massive action.

Start Today! In the following lessons, I will show you my EXACT methods on how I build websites and get paid for them.

Leave a comment below if you’ve found out how much does it cost for agencies to build a basic 5 page website in your area.