9 Common Mistakes When Running FB Ads


Facebook has become more than just a social media network; it is also one of the world’s biggest advertising platform.

As of 2017, there are 2.13 billion active Facebook users all over the world, a number that attracts around 6 million advertisers  to promote themselves through Facebook.

From small local businesses to big multinational brands, everyone is using Facebook to advertise their products and services.

No matter what new, hot tactics are trendy now. Here’s how it should look like:


1. Plan Your Advertising Campaign

I reverse engineer the numbers to set profitable KPI’s and create a different variations that I believe will work the best for our three key elements (Audience, Message, Creative).

Choosing your objective is important, as Facebook uses this to determine other elements of your campaign such as available ad formats, bidding options and the way it optimizes the campaign.

You should always select the objective that best reflects your desired outcome for the campaign. If you are promoting a website,  you will most likely be running a conversions campaign.


fb ad objectives main page


That’s the campaign type we will create today.

If your campaign’s end goal is to for example submit information to you via a lead form,  then you should select the lead generation objective instead.


2. Testing Is A Must

There is no two campaigns which are alike. Next, we launch our variations on the Facebook advertising platform for a real testing.

A/B testing, also called split testing, is a tactic by which you find out which ad headlines, body copy, images, call-to-actions, or a combination of the above work best for your target audience.

Moreover, you can experiment with several Facebook audiences and ad placements to know who’s your perfect audience and which placements they can be reached with.

Usually, the A/B tests are published for a couple of weeks, while the advertisers wait for new results to come in. After the experiment is completed, a conclusion will be made whether one option outperformed the other(s).

You can ensure that your results are statistically significant by using a statistical significance calculator.


3. Optimise Adverts With REAL Data

After 3-4 days, we observe and analyze the data from our testing. Based on a real data and feedback, we tweak our funnels or our Ads variations.

Simply, we kill the ads that are out of our KPI’s and we keep ads that we within our KPI’s. We may also prepare new variations for a new test.

As you comb through the data, filtering and sorting brings the best performers to the top of the page quickly and identifies which audiences, placements, and creative to elevate.

You can also use this reporting to break down different options (such as age ranges or geographic location) to discover further opportunities for refinement.

fb data for ads campaigns in indonesia


4. Scale Up Your Ads Budgeting

After our funnel and ads are optimized, we start scaling our ads that are within our profitable KPI’s.

Our goal is to build a massive empire of working ads.. But after working with many businesses & entrepreneurs, I’ve found that there are 9 FATAL mistakes most of them do, that are killing their ROI.

Let me show you these 9 mistakes now, so you can avoid doing them.


MISTAKE #1 – Skipping The Research


“Whoever Knows Their Customers Best Wins”. Don’t let the word “research” scare you. It’s actually easy and straightforward once you have a simple guideline.

Most marketers skip this step, and it murders the results from their advertising campaigns.

So if want to create ads that converts, make sure to get extremely clear on:
– Who is your ideal customer?
– What FRUSTRATIONS & FEARS do they experience?
– What do they WANT & secretly DREAM about?
​- Who are your competitors trying to get ATTENTION from your ideal customers?

If you do this, you’ll be ahead all of your competitors who thinks it’s a waste of time. Because especially knowing your ideal customer’s frustrations, fears, wants and dreams is very important information!

Without that, you won’t be able to target your Facebook advertising to the right audience or create a persuasive copy that makes them tick. So do your research first, before doing anything else.


a customer do not want to read fb ad sales copy


MISTAKE #2 – Broken Sales Process


Facebook advertising is just a traffic source for your sales process. Facebook advertising is just a traffic source.

It’s a vehicle to take your message & offer in front of relevant, targeted people and take them from the platform they’re on (Facebook) to your own platform (Website/Funnel).

So if your message & offer sucks, guess what? Your ads will not magically work. You need to have an irresistible offer and message that appeals to your ideal clients.


And before you think about scaling your business with Facebook ads, you need to have converting sales process in place.

It will be different based on the business you have. If you’re in eCommerce, your sales process is probably just a product page with up-sells. If you’re selling an online course, it can be a webinar funnel.

If you’re selling high-ticket stuff, it can be some type of application funnel. No matter what it is for you. Your sales process needs to convert FIRST in order to make Facebook advertising work.


MISTAKE #3 – No Real Strategy


Hope is NOT a strategy. Here’s the reality. Most people just jump straight into ads manager and start creating ads. And then they wonder why it doesn’t work.

Well, let’s be honest. Even a monkey can learn how to click on the buttons in ads manager and create a campaign. But the strategy behind it, that’s what makes the difference.


Most people don’t even know what are their KPI’s (Key Performance Metrics) are. When I help my clients with their campaigns, the first thing we do is this:

We reverse engineer our target numbers and set up our KPI’s for our funnel and ads. So that we know exactly what we want to pay for a click, lead, appointment or sale.

We know how many clicks, leads or sales we need to hit every day. How much we need to spend every day to hit that number. We simply have a really clear strategy to be PROFITABLE before we even jump into ads manager.


fb ads manager cannot see his profits and data


If you’re not doing this, how can you track the results of your campaign, if you don’t’ even know what numbers you need to hit?

The same applies with your ad copy, targeting and ad creatives. You need to create a proper structure of the campaign first.

– How many audiences you’re going to test?
– How many angles within your copy? etc.

Don’t rush straight to ads manager, because what makes your ads work, is usually happening OUTSIDE of ads manager.


MISTAKE #4 – Lack Of Testing

Facebook advertising is all about testing and execution. There are 3 main elements of every ad:
1. Audience
2. Message
3. Creative

You need to test a lot of different variations to find the best possible combinations of Audience, Message, and Creative. Let’s say you create a campaign and target just one specific audience.

With just one message, And one ad creative. How many variations you’re testing?
Yeah..just ONE and that’s a problem.


This is what most people do and that’s also the main reason why the majority of them fail.
Now, let’s imagine the second scenario, where you create a campaign and target 10 different audiences.

With 3 different messages.
And 3 different ad creatives.
Now, you’re testing 90 different variations, which means that you just 90x your chances for success.

This is one of the basic but the most overlooked part of creating and launching profitable Facebook advertising campaigns.


facebook long sales copy

MISTAKE #5 – Avoid Long-Form Copy

Pro-Tip: The more you tell, the more you sell. “People don’t read long copy anymore”. Have you ever heard this? I did, but I can tell you it’s total BS.

People read and you should always complete the full story of your ad and never limit your wording. You reading this article up until now actually proves it!

If you want to warm up these cold audiences and convert strangers into prospects, you need to educate them about the “life-changing” benefits of your products/service.


Instead of starting your funnel with a Conversion objective, raise awareness and make people realize they need your product/service. Do this by highlighting their interests, needs and problems, and how you can solve all that.

Many marketers and entrepreneurs use only short-form copy, because they believe nobody will read their long-form copy ads.


Here’s the truth:
If they don’t read your ad, it’s because it SUCKS. Not because they don’t read.

I did countless of split tests between long copy vs short copy. Stop them dead in their tracks with killer headlines and hook!


I’m talking about thousands of dollars monthly  invested into split testing. And in almost every single test I’ve conducted, a long copy has beaten short copies.

Especially, when targeting cold traffic (complete strangers). When it comes to RETARGETING, when you target your warm audience, then a short copy is fine. Otherwise, definitely test to use long-form copy for your business.


It’s simple – The more you tell, the more you sell. And if your copy is interesting enough, your ideal customers will read through that. And once they start reading, they are more likely to read the rest of your copy.

And eventually, click on the ad and take action. So NEVER limit yourself when writing a copy and use as many words as needed. Also, if they click on “see more” button, Facebook counts it as an engagement, which is going to increase the results of your ad in a first place.


MISTAKE #6 – Underestimate FB Algorithm

Facebook algorithm is SMARTER than you. Facebook is a Biliion Dollar company. Facebook algorithm knows everything about everyone on Facebook.

Yet, most advertisers try to control every tiny aspect and limit the power of this beast. A most common example is this: People try to create an extremely narrow audience because they think it gives them the best chance for success.

So they limit the age, narrow the interests into 3 different layers, etc. This is a big mistakeYou want to do the exact opposite.


For the best performance of your ads, the algorithm needs space. That’s why targeting broader audiences works much better than if you target a narrow audience.

And it’s also much CHEAPER. If someones tell you the opposite, they simply don’t know what they talk about. Period.

The only one exception us advertising for local business.
Logically, you can target only LOCAL area where the reach is limited.
On the other hand, it’s much EASIER to dominate this local area and become the #1 choice in your market.


MISTAKE #7 – Make Decisions Based On Emotions

Facebook advertising needs to be done on a SCIENTIFIC basis. Have you ever launched a campaign and then checked the results every few hours or even minutes?

It’s tempting, I know lol. You’re spending your hard earned money, right? That’s why you never want to invest your last money on ads. If you have the last $1k, that you need for food, etc, and you invest it into FB ads.

You will be too emotionally attached to that. Facebook advertising needs to be done on a scientific basis.

❌ No assumptions.
❌ No guesses.
❌ No emotions.

If you want to succeed, make your decisions only based on REAL data and numbers. So realize, that money you invest into FB ads are in the risk and you can possibly lose them.

You need to be OK with that, otherwise, save some budget first.


MISTAKE #8 – Fail To Use Re-Targeting Effectively

Facebook advertising needs to be done on a SCIENTIFIC basis. You’ll see the best ROAS from your retargeting campaigns, simply because you target people who already know you.
It’s your WARM audience.

Most people will simply not do, what you want them to do.

So if you’re spending money and time to run traffic from cold traffic, make sure to set up a proper retargeting campaign that follows up with EVERYONE who engaged with your brand, but didn’t take the next step yet (booking a call, purchase, etc).


Learn how to use Facebook pixel effectivelyIn terms of measurement, the Facebook Pixel allows you to track conversions and use Audience Insights to get aggregate demographic, location, and purchase behavior data for your website visitors.

They also have detailed information about how users interact with your site. It also lets you see if and how your visitors switch between devices, like a phone and desktop.

We run two types:

✔ 1. Behavioral Remarketing Campaign
This campaign automatically follow up our prospects based on their behavior and push them into the next step of your funnel

✔ 2. Omnipresence Remarketing Campaign
This campaign consistently follow up your prospects with valuable content and different angles to establish trust, bond the relationship and overcome any objections.

You’ll become omnipresent and little celebrity to your prospects as they’re going to see you every time they go to Facebook.


Each has it’s own purpose and when you combine them. It’s a really dangerous and profitable WEAPON.

And you can also do the same thing on other platforms like INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, etc which will create true OMNIPRESENCE feeling and you’ll be able to DOMINATE your market.

We’re getting the highest ROAS from these re-marketing campaigns and if you’re not using them, you’re leaving a tons of money on the table.


MISTAKE #9 – Giving Up Too Early

Always check REAL data. Identify what’s broken and fix it ASAP. Too many people just give up quickly.


Facebook Ads are about TESTING. Usually, when you launch a brand new campaign, something will be broken.

It’s rare that everything would work perfectly on the first try. Unfortunately, most people just have extreme expectations and when something isn’t working. They’re disappointed and just give up.
But this is just a part of the process.


When you launch a new campaign, wait for 4-7 days and then put all the data into the spreadsheet.
How much you spend, what was your cost per click, cost per lead, cost per sale, etc.

Check all the numbers and based on data identify which part of your marketing funnel is a broken.
I already mentioned that you should set up your KPI’s before you even touch FB ads.
So which part is out of KPI’s?


Maybe you find out that conversion rate on your landing page is below your KPI.

Then just focus only on that. Tweak one thing at a time and continue to run your ads.
It’s a process and there are NO shortcuts.




Always check REAL data, identify what’s broken and then go and FIX it. If you do this, you’ll perfect your ads and sales process.

And build a machine that’s generating you profitable ROI every single day. Then you can have fun with scaling.



Doing the above correctly, you can scale and for every $1 you spend – it’s possible that you get $3, $5 or even 10$ back EVERY single time.


Comment below what’s working for you.



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