What Everybody Ought To Know About Web Development


Web development is the creation of dynamic web applications. Such examples used n Indonesia are social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram or e-commerce site like Amazon. Many argue that web development is the best form for beginners to design and get an application to behave how you want it to. Not only are there plenty of online training available for beginners to learn from, it is easy to set up and you get instant results!

A lot of Indonesians learn this skill because they want to create the next Facebook or find a job in the industry. Whether is it you are looking for a career in the industry or simply wanting to learn for the fun of it, learning how to develop a website is for you. It is one of the most rewarding decision you will ever make!


Progression of Web Development

Web development have revolutionized in the last 15 years or so. Before, the more substantial and extensive a website was, the better the website was made out to be. Sites were filled with extra features like photos, statistics and terms that attract readers because these were what impressed readers.

However now, times have changed. Websites today work on being more aesthetically pleasing and interactively smoother than websites of the past. An important element allowing for such an evolution is the self-development of web technologies that has granted developers the ability to produce various new generations of useful and immersive online experiences.

These ongoing efforts have developed new processes and systems to make sure that all these features are supported in all the web browsers used regularly by the users.

Unlike before, developers and designers now have a clearer picture on the potential use that the internet has. With the rise of the Internet as well as many other gadgets of different sizes which can connect to the internet, new design perspectives have come into play.

Today, a web developer has to consider search engine optimization, and how to ensure fast page load time. Fixed size website pages are no longer an option as they may distort the user experience depending on the device they are using.


What Do Web Developers Do?

Web Developers work to design, create, and maintain websites and web applications. They can work on internet sites, as well as on intranet sites. Web developers are usually hired by companies or firms who are trying to get their products or services onto the web. There are also many Indonesians who offer their services on a freelance basis.

Web development could entail either the front end or back end. The front end is the face of your end product. This refers to stuff you see on the website in your browser, including the presentation of content and user interface elements like the navigation bar.

Front-end developers use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other relevant frameworks to ensure that content is presented effectively and that users have an excellent experience.

The back end on the other hand refers to the ‘behind the scene’ of the application, which live in the server. The back end stores and serves program data to ensure that the front end has what it needs.

This process can become very complicated when a website has millions of users. Back-end developers use programming languages like Java, Python, and Ruby to work with data.

There are also full stack website developers that work on both sides and offer a more complete service.

Essentially, the main focus of a Web Developer should always be to create consistent and efficient web applications and services. Web Developers must always strive to meet the necessities of their clients.


Benefits Of Being A Web Developer As A Career

As one of the most in-demand jobs in the world right now (ie; Year 2018, 2019, 2020), being a web developer offers a wide range of benefits and advantages that one could never find anywhere else. Here are some of the benefits:

1.    One of the most sought-after job. Due to today’s technology in this modern world, almost all companies in any industry require their own website. It is an essential thing for every company. Hence, web developers are always in demand.

2.    Be your own Boss. Being a freelance web developer, you are not tied down to any one company. You can work for various employers according to your flextime work schedule. This way, you can manage your own work-life balance. Also, you can have better salary rate negotiations for your skills and expertise.

3.    Work anywhere. Your office is literally anywhere as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection. You can save on transportation as you don’t have to go to an ‘office’ to do your job. The heavy rain or scorching sun would not bother you as you can get your work done in the comfort of your own home.

4.    You are always learning. Technology is always evolving, so you will not have to worry about missing out on the changes. There is no limit to what you can learn and what you can do. The only limit is your own imagination.

These are only some of the numerous benefits of being a web developer.


Essential Skills For A Web Developer

Web development is one of the most fastest growing industry around. This suggests that there will be numerous jobs going around for web developers. Understandably so, there are many skills you’ll need to develop to create and design a successful website. Here are some:

1.    HTML/ CSS

–       Being a web developer requires you to understand the basics of coding and markup language. Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the standard of all markup languages which forms practically every web page on the internet. It determines how a website functions based on the way a developer writes it.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) interpret documents written in a markup language. They’re a more stylized presentation of the HTML language. CSS is essential in writing HTML. CSS is what determines the layout of a website visually.

–       HTML and CSS is the basic and most important skill for any web developer.

2.    JavaScript

–       JavaScript is a secondary level programming language. This is what allows you to create a more interactive and functional user experience. With JavaScript, you can write special features directly onto your sites such as search bars, social media share buttons, videos and other additional features.

3.    Photoshop

Photoshop is everything that pleases the user’s eyes. This allows you to design and edit your website according to how pleasant you want it to look like.

4.    SEO – Search Engine Optimization

–       Search engine optimization (SEO) is the driving force behind modern day marketing. It is one of the most important factors in marketing your website, in terms of getting your website to be ranked first in the list of things that a consumer search for. Some of the more important SEO skills that all web developers should learn are the page upload speed, keyword content and domain credibility.


Your Success With Web Development Skills

Learning to develop a website is definitely rewarding but can also be challenging and frustrating. The strongest assets you can have when you are just starting are the desire to progress, a problem-solving mind, and persistence in the face of setbacks.

Hopefully, you’ve gained a better insight of what a web developer does and what your life might become if you decided to take it on as a career. This has only been a teaser into the world of web development.


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